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Prinze George Share "Dividends" Track On V Magazine

Today, V Magazine has shared the new single from Prinze George entitled "Dividends". It will be part of a release slated to come out later this year. The band also accompanied the track with a behind the scenes video of the recording process. Listen Here

For the second edition of Deciphered, Soundtoys brought the synth-pop trio Prinze George to our Carriage House studio to collaborate on a new track with world-class engineer and Soundtoys superfriend Ariel Borujow.

Laudedfor their multi-layered synths, hypnotizing vocals, and fusion of analog and digital sounds, the band inspired us to build a unique pop-up studio designed to put control of select vintage hardware effects and instruments into the hands of the artists. The setup featured two all-star effects racks wired into a pair of vintage consoles and a unique custom drum machine station.With a sketch of the song “Dividends” produced in their home studio in hand, the group explored the sonic possibilities of the gear with our engineers and began to build upon the original vision. Over the course of three rugged Vermont winter days, they discoverednewsounds and moods while writing, recording, and fending off the weather with red wine and homemade mac ‘n cheese.

The result was a gorgeous hybrid of analog and digital sounds that bloomed into a cinematic pop anthem with the help of Borujow’s direction over the session. We wrapped up the last night in the studio together listening to “Dividends” on repeat, bobbing our heads, inspired to have been a part of the creative process.


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